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Best Ways to Make Money Online From Home

Since the pandemic, the opportunities to work from home and make some money online are on a boom. The business startup culture is growing in India and more and more people started to occupy themselves into some or the other activities to earn some money from the comfort of their homes. 

There are many different types of work and activities which can pay you while being at home but here are a few of the best activities to make money online from home.

Content Writing 

Companies in India are easily providing opportunities for content writing to the outsourcing consultants. If you are good at a language and can write your ideas related to the specific topics then content writing jobs might interest you and bring some money from the comfort of your home. 

There are certain content writing job ads and opportunities available on platforms like Upwork, Fiverr etc which helps you bid for a specific job and provides you the flexibility to utilize your skills and earn from home. 

Airbnb Host 

We Indians usually have our owned personal houses with the necessities and facilities we have. But have you ever thought that your very own house can bring you extra money home without much effort?

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To become an Airbnb host, set up a good space in your house to be rented to the guest. Arrange the basic necessary stuff like basic amenities, towels, soap etc to make your guests feel comfortable. 

List your space with which is free of charge until your listing is confirmed. Set your price and start earning from Airbnb with these minimum efforts. 

Selling your photography 

The only requirement for this job is a decent camera, a computer or editing software and a keen eye to click exceptional photographs. 

There are certain platforms now on Instagram as well where you can collaborate and sell your stock photographs. You can join a freelancer community or sell your collection to magazines or journals. 

Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing is a concept to refer to the product or service through websites, videos, or other channels. This is a job which requires passion in the niche which you choose and dedication to present the most accurate information.

There are certain affiliate marketing sites available dedicatedly for India like that compares Indian betting apps

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Similarly you can identify your interest and collaborate with relevant partners for their products or services and explore a new opportunity.

YouTube Vlogging 

There are many vloggers and creators that emerged on YouTube since or after the Covid pandemic. The  popularity of VOD (videos on demand) is increasing in India and people are turning more towards the OTT platform. 

If you have a specific interest or specific skill to review certain products or events in different niches, then you can start your own YouTube channel which is of course, free of cost and flexible as per your interest and timings. 

You will then just need to vlog yourself and upload the videos on YouTube and be persistent with your channel. Once your channel starts getting some traffic, based on the YouTube criterias you will start receiving payments from YouTube. 

You can also earn from sponsored ads, advertising affiliate links and brand collaborations from your YouTube vlogging channel.

Testing websites 

Testing websites is a very great alternative for the people who love working from home. You can find job opportunities in this field from freelancing companies or websites like fiverr. 

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Companies outsource the website testing to the potential people and pay a decent amount.

You can perform testing of the website and report bugs or issues in the website. Once you get comfortable you can expand yourselves to test complex softwares, games etc. 

The professional testers can spot some really critical issues if any in the apps and sites and report it to the relevant channels and in turn get paid.


Freelancing is a very great option for the students or those people who have a technical background. There are many opportunities in domains like coding, website designing, UI/UX development, graphics designing, logo designing and many more. 

You can choose your project, set your own time and set your own price to work for. You just need a computer and good communication skills to bring yourself good opportunities. Most people in India use the freelancing sites as a part time job to earn some extra income or 

While there are multiple options and activities to earn from home, these were the few optimal and reliable solutions.

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