Don Pedro Rivera

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Don Pedro Rivera: A famous personality

Don Pedro Rivera Cervantes was born on 23 February 1943 and he is now 78 years old. He was born in a beautiful place in Baraca, Jalisco, Mexico . By profession, Don Pedro Rivera is a singer as well as an actor. 

New married life of Don Pedro Rivera

Don Pedro Rivera has married a much younger wife named Juana Ahumada. Juana Ahumada before her marriage with Pedro she used to work as his assistant. 

The first marriage of Don Pedro

There are various rumours about their relationship such as it was said that Pedro was in the relationship with her even during his married life with Rosa Saavedra. Juana’s husband Pedro is famous for his Latin music industry which is doing great these days.  Juana ethnicity is Mexican and she was raised in a tight-knit household. Pedro Rivera has gained international fame among the Mexican crazy fans. Juana Ahumada was not famous for her career but due to her relationship with Pedro when she started working with him. They both exchanged their vows in a secret marriage ceremony in 2019. This lovebird marriage ceremony took place in Huntington Park California. The officiator was arranged from bride and groom and no other was invited in their marriage this news was released by many reports. Their news of getting married got official after the announcement when they both appeared on the Un Nuevo Dia program, where Pedro announced they are exciting and creating news. Early it was like a joke for his fans but it was the reality. Pedro and Juana are very happy in their married life. Pedro always keeps posting their happy married moments on Instagram showing their true love.

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Pedro Rivera was also married early to Rosa Saavedra. Rosa and Pedro exchanged vows in 1963. Just after the marriage, they both moved to a long beach in California and they both stayed there for a long time. They both remained together for around four decades. But they both were no longer together. There are various reports about their broken marriage. Their marriage was broken off due to the extramarital affairs of Pedro. Rosa Saavedra was born in Hermosillo in mexico. She was born on   3 July 1981.

Pedro children and Grandchildren

Pedro Rivera and Rosa are having six children. These are four sons and two daughters. If we talk about Pedro kids, four sons’ names are Juana Rivera, Pedro Rivera Lupillo Rivera and Jr Gustavo Rivera and his daughter’s name are Jenni Rivera and Rosie Rivera.

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Pedro is also having grandchildren of Jenni named Chiquis Rivera, Johnny Lopez, Jacquie Campos and Jenica Lopez.

Don Pedro Rivera posted his images with his sons giving them a boost. There are several other events where we will find Pedro sharing his love with his family. 

Pedro is not only famous for his Mexican music but also presented Latin music in the world. He has done many tours all over the world. Pedro is also the owner of Cintas Acuario which is the leading Latin record label in the world. Pedro Rivera’s latest release is El Tra with one of the famous artists named Juanito el Millonzuki. They both have done touring for their new show in 2020.

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