Investing in iGaming in India

India is currently ranked as the second-largest online market and among the top five mobile gaming markets globally. With one of the world’s biggest and youngest populations, India is poised to become a global leader in the gaming sector. 

Currently valued at $885 million, the gaming industry in India is expected to expand by 41.6% from 2021 to 2025. This growth is due to the development of digital infrastructure and a remarkable rise in the availability of engaging yet high-quality content. 

The previous year’s investments in the emerging and established online game sector have turned investors’ heads. But is it worth investing in the online gaming industry in India? Between August 2020 and January 2021, India’s gaming industry garnered $544 million in investments. 

Over the next one and half years, this amount is projected to triple, indicating rapid growth for the gaming industry in the near future. Depending on your skills, risk appetite, and commitment, there are several ways you can make money from online gaming. 

Play Online Casino Games

Becoming a gambler is the easiest way to earn money in the online gaming sector. Most online gaming platforms are free to join, and with a budget of $10 or less, you can enjoy countless games. However, online casino games are not the same. For instance, slots are purely reliant on chance. You will find them easy to play and substantial returns can be. But since they are games of luck, you are hardly ever assured of winning.

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On the other hand, poker is a game reliant on skill. Therefore, sharpening your skills can help you score regular wins. It would help if you also played better than your competitors to win regularly.

 What’s more, learn about the many poker variants out there. The most popular of them all is Texas Hold’em. But there are other types like Omaha, 7-card stud, 5-card draw, and three card draw.

Work for a Casino or Software Provider

Hundreds of software providers and thousands of casino sites make up the online gaming sector. There is a thriving community of managers, accountants, marketers, customer service agents, web designers, and programmers in the online casino industry. 

Casino software providers require web designers, engineers, accountants, managers, marketers, and content creators. Now that the Indian iGaming industry is valued at billions of dollars, these positions can attract competitive salaries. These salaries are projected to rise soon due to the enormous supply of iGaming jobs in the Indian market. 

Run an Affiliate Marketing Website

Warren Buffet recommends that you find ways to earn money even when you are sleeping. Affiliate marketing is a perfect example of how to do that. By running an affiliate marketing website, you will be aiming to market premium online casinos in exchange for commissions. 

Discover great online casino sites with generous commissions for affiliate marketers to maximize your profits. Starting a website in 2022 is pretty cheap. Nonetheless, you need to work hard to launch your website, subscribe to web hosting services, hire content creators, and market it. 

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With patience and commitment, your efforts will ultimately pay off. Some people actually depend on affiliate marketing for a living. That’s because the job can pay thousands of dollars per month if you’re good at it.

You can also venture into paid advertising and selling merchandise to supplement your income from affiliate marketing. Physical decks of playing cards, branded coffee mugs, and T-shirts are among the most popular items you could sell on your website.

Become a Casino Coach

Online gamers are always looking for ways to improve their playing skills. You may have some blackjack or poker tips that may be helpful to a beginner or expert player. You can start a blog or a YouTube channel to share your information. 

Regardless of which games you are good at, there is a considerable demand for your services in the gaming market. Blackjack players are always eager to learn new tricks to win more hands. On the other hand, slot players would love to know how to choose games that often hit.

If you are a poker coach, you could earn tens of thousands of followers from your skills. This is because poker is heavily reliant on skills. Therefore, anyone who wants to improve their game should invest in knowledge. 

How can you make money from casino coaching? You can begin by offering your lessons free of charge. This will help you attract a loyal audience and monetize your platform through paid adverts. You could introduce a paid course with time. 

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Become a Casino Streamer

You most likely know about Twitch. It is the world’s biggest platform for streaming video games. Premium casino channels on Twitch and YouTube can have up to 200,000 followers and live audiences of more than 5,000 people at a time. 

You will be delighted to know that creating a Twitch account is absolutely free. However, it would be best to have special lighting, software, and a professional video camera to stream quality content. More significantly, you require valuable content to ensure fans watch your live streams consistently.  

You will get a dedicated audience and subscribers to your channel with time. You can now monetize it through affiliate marketing, selling merchandise, donations, adverts, and subscriptions. 

Purchase Online Gambling Stocks

A single share of 888 Holdings was worth $85 in 2020. The stock is currently trading at $320. It has undergone a price gain of 300% in less than two years. However, not all online gaming stocks will experience the same rise in value within a short period. 

Investment involves taking a risk on a suitable company and hoping you will get rewarded. You could also invest in a stocks Exchange Traded Fund (ETF), enabling you to own shares in multiple companies. 

You get an average of the added gains when the stocks rise in value. Although the returns of EFFs are relatively lower than purchasing individual stocks, they offer you protection from huge losses when one company performs poorly. 

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