Mathew Jay Povich

Matthew Jay Povich Bio, Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Career & Family

Mathew Jay Povich: Son of Maury Povich

Mathew Jay Povich was born in 1995 in the united states of America he must be now around 26 years old.

The early life of Mathew Jay Povich

 His nationality is American. Mathew Jay Povich is famous has he is the adopted son of the famous American journalist Maury Povich and Connie Chug. Mathew was adopted on June 19, 1995. Maury Povich and Connie Chug both announced the great news of their adoption of the kid on June 19, 1995. They have both been planning to adopt the baby for a long time but are unable to adopt due to some reasons. Mathew Jay Povich is having a white ethnicity. He was born from his father’s first marriage to Phyllis Minkoff. He is also having two sisters named Susan Anne and Amy Joyce Povich.

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About Mathew’s Father

Maury has done his graduation from the University of Pennsylvania and Connie has done her graduation from the University of Maryland. Maurya was born on January 17, 1979, and Connie was born on August 20, 1946. Mathew Jay Povich height is 6 feet 1 inch and his net worth is 1 million US dollars. He also graduated from the University OF Pennsylvania.

Maury Povich full name is Maurice Povich. He is a television personality from the United States of America, he has presented the tabloid chat show Maury. Maury And Connie thought of having babies after marriage but they were unable to conceive as Connie had a miscarriage every time. So they both decided to have an adopted baby in 1995. 

About Mathew’s Mother

Maury and Connie are so much in love with Mathew they adore him like their own biological child. Connie chug is also known by the name Yu-Hwa Chung is an American journalist. She was having 10 siblings and she was the last one among them. Connie parents were born in china but they immigrated to the united states of America. Connie has completed her graduation in 1969 from the University of Maryland college park. She then did work in various organisations like CNN, ABC, CBS and many more. Connie Chung is not the only wife of Maury but also he was married earlier to Phyllis Minkoff on 26 August 1962 but they got divorced in 1979. They two had two children. Maurya and Connie got married on 2nd December 1984 before marriage they both dated each other. Maurya and Connie are still married to each other happily.

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Mathew’s half-sister Amy is married to David Agus who is a physician and author according to the various reports. Maury and Connie both met each other in the WTTG news department.

Mathew’s father Maurya was first employed in Washington Radio station WWDC where he has conducted PR and also worked as a reporter just after his graduation. He has done news reporting working as a sportscaster for WTTG. He also became the first co-host of the station’s iconic lunchtime conversation show.

Mathew’s relationship status

There are many rumours about Mathew Jay Povich relationship. He is very focused on his career and also pursuing his romantic relationship. There are many controversial statements about his relationship status. It is said that Povich had a relationship with caroline welch Circa in 2012 according to facebook writings. Now they two are not together anymore. Ms Welch is now dating someone else and is not intervening in Povich’s life. Mathew dating status is single. Mathew Jay Povich’s hobby is fishing. He always posts his pictures doing fishing over Facebook. Mattew’s family background is very wealthy; his father’s net worth is about 60 million US dollars.

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