Roulette Game on BETER LIVE Casino

How much gambling has become with the advent of online casinos! Such exciting games often help to win a good amount. Perhaps the most common game that guarantees winnings is roulette. Online gambling BETER LIVE shares the most sensational secrets of how to make it possible to win at roulette. Are there any special strategies to win at roulette? Or is it all just human luck?

Martingale Strategy

The essence of such a strategy, which can be used on any online platform, is that you need to double your bet size after each loss. For example, your bet on black failed. You shouldn’t get upset. Try to cheat and bet on black again but bet more. If the bet loses again, then you need to bet on black again, raising your previous bet. It does not happen that in roulette, every time only one color appears in the winnings. Sooner or later, winning will happen at a huge bet. As a result, the player beats back and loses and wins with a huge increase in money. In the Martingale strategy, it is also important to remember that there are a series of failures here that do not depend on each other in any way.

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Fibonacci Strategy

More than 800 years ago, this Italian mathematician discovered a brilliant thing. He called his idea “snail shell”. Although the mathematician is not connected with the casino, gamers began to actively apply his idea with the advent of online casinos. The Fibonacci theory is that you need to bet on numbers that are dried by the sum of the previous two. So, the continuation of the sequence is to add the last two numbers – and then bet on the number that you got in the end. What other Fibonacci criteria are there:

1. Raise your bet every time you lose.

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2. When you win, low the bet.

The bet increases if you fail to win. The rate goes down if you win every time and really can’t stop. But still, do not forget about the cold mind because you can get into a strong excitement and lose everything you win.

Popular Roulette Misconceptions

Gamers often think that the results after each game of roulette are somehow connected. Do not forget that if, at the time of the game, the same color fell out, then in 99.9% of that in subsequent options, a different color will fall out. Gamers also pay attention to hot and cold numbers in roulette. Hot numbers are those that have been drawn a large number of times, and cold numbers are those that have never been drawn during the game. The number falls out many times because it happened; this is a case but not a pattern.

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Martingale and Fibonacci systems are really good. They are used by many players, starting an active game to a winning goal. Do not neglect logic. Randomness also has a place to be but always include logic! This is how many gamers got rich on many platforms, applying the strategies of these famous people.

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