Did The iGaming Industry See a Boom In 2021 Like It Did In 2020?

The iGaming industry broke records for nearly every of the past few years. However, those records went to new heights in the pandemic-struck 2020, which truly saw the industry blossom. In times where Nevada was all ‘boarded up’ and casinos stayed closed for long stretches, players had nowhere else to play but online.

Working from home saved them a lot of money, and hardcore gamers had more money to play. The best place to play live blackjack is now online, as opposed to earlier where it thrived in Vegas. And it’s not just blackjack. Slots, poker, roulette have all underwent a revolution on the web, and largely overcome their land-based counterparts.

The iGaming industry posted incredible records in 2021, with experts believing it couldn’t get better. It only took a year, though, as the pandemic-weary world was finally allowed to enter casinos with no major restrictions. Oh, and those pent-up savings over the past two years certainly helped.

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Best Year Ever

Everywhere around the world the gambling industry is posting record profits for 2021. Nevada, for example, the world’s gambling center, is enjoying a resurgence. Sports betting is enjoying a resurgence too, especially on the web. When the pandemic started, people started saving up unsure of what will happen. All those savings are now spent on online gambling, including casino games and sports.

Nature is healing after a tough few years and people are flooding back to their usual habits. Online sports betting now makes up around 15% of the global gambling market in the USA and around the world. Online casinos take a big portion too. With many players working from home permanently, it’s even easier to play casino games nowadays. Thanks to that, the iGaming industry is seeing an even bigger boom in 2021 than the record numbers reported in 2020.

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The global iGaming market continues to grow significantly, and projections for the next few years are insane. That’s mostly due to online casino’s great efforts to keep pace with new technologies. This is an ever-changing industry and it’s always for the better. From slots that emulate video games and advanced features that make everything better, this market will continue posting records in the future.

What’s Behind the Biggest Gains?

The pandemic certainly accelerated the growth of online gambling, but the industry was doing great even without it. It became one of those industries where young people thrive, uniting programmers, designers, and animators together. Some of the top iGaming companies have opened thousands of jobs, many of them remote. The socio-economic impact of the iGaming industry is immense and goes beyond simply giving players the possibility to play from home or on the go.

One of the biggest forces behind the iGaming drive in 2021 was online sports betting. Events such as the Superbowl generate millions in bets on the web. When you consider moneylines and point spreads, you get the picture.

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Another major reason for the iGaming boom in 2021 is live casino gaming. It introduced the concept of enjoying an immersive Vegas atmosphere from your home or on the go. There were tries before, but rarely any broke the surface. Live casino gaming redefined how we play casino games, offering a never-before-seen and immersive way of playing blackjack, roulette, or poker.

It’s been going from strength to strength each year, and finally reached the apex in 2021. Its future is bright as new games including slots make the live casino jump. The iGaming industry was better in 2021 than 2020, but its growth will never stop. It’ll only go higher from this point forward.

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