Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger – Significant Payments and a Pleasant Environment

This thrilling Dragon Tiger game online from a leading developer of living games will transport you to a real gambling hall. Dragon Tiger has an exciting gameplay with substantial payments and a variety of extra bets. Try and outplay the croupier player and collect your good winning money with you.


The Dragon and Tiger is an addictive game in that the table layout is much like baccarat – but the game rules are radically different. Cards here are ranged from the ace, the lowest, to the king, the oldest. The first decision you’ll need to make is to choose who you think will win in the round – the Tiger or the Dragon. If you do not have time to place your bet within the relevant time period, you have to wait for the next round to begin. Then a dealer starts dealing the card. The party with the highest value card is the winner of the game. Dragon and Tiger have multiple betting choices, which makes the play even more addictive. Betting choices such as a pair and a draw bring you payments of up to up to 11 times your bet.

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The game invites players to deposit a minimum of €5 and a max of up to €500. 

The pay lines are allocated as follows: 

  • Winning – 1:1;
  • A draw – 1:8.

Interior, design

SA Games has been at the vanguard of live gaming for a while now. Dragon and Tiger definitely keep up the company’s high standard. When you discover the game, the very first thing you’ll see is an adorable dealer helping you at every turn. Also in front of you is a table divided into two sectors, one labeled as a “tiger” and another as a “dragon.” Below the table is a convenient user interface that allows you to easily place your bets. Overall, there is a very laid-back studio atmosphere, and it is as easy as possible to gamble in Dragon and Tiger.

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Like the other games of this firm, Dragon the Tiger can be used not only from your desktop but also from your mobile device. You can launch it in every place and at any time with your tablet or smartphone. The navigation elements of the game are comfortably placed at the bottom of the game screen. The layout of the desk is fully online, and you will be able to transfer your counters directly to your chosen section on the desk. The control bar features “Confirm”, “Auto Confirm”, “Repeat Bet”, and “Clear” buttons. It’s worth noting as well that the game from your mobile unit supports both portrait and landscape orientations.

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Free game 

The slot developer is offering its users the game on a complimentary basis. Free basis would be in a demo game mode form, which means that you will not have to go through additional sign-ups to test out this video slot. You will play online, but you won’t have to commit any extra deposit. 

The game demo is designed to show the players what’s in the slot so that players can decide if they like the slot or not. 

In addition, you can also play from your cell phone or computer. The Game is perfectly streamlined for the different devices due to HTML5 technology. 

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